FAQ - AirBar Touchscreen Sensor for Windows 10




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    Jay Bowen

    Thanks, I just installed an Airbar 14.0 on an HP 14" laptop. The installation was very easy and the Airbar worked very well right from the start.

    This particular laptop started life as an inexpensive Windows 10, 32G eMMc machine that turned out to be a VERY poor choice. I upgraded the hard drive to a 240G SSD and added the Airbar. Now I have a Touch Screen laptop with impressive features for a little south of $350. And the Airbar was by far the least costly part of the total expenditure.

    I am thrilled.

    The Airbar's response to push buttons and other touch selectors is excellent. There is, occasionally, a bit of sluggishness with vertical slide bars. I use this laptop to support audio mixer functions and this shows up in fader adjustments.

    I would definitely recommend the Airbar to anyone who needs or wants to convert a conventional laptop to touch screen laptop without having to start over and buy new.

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    Jay, thank you for your kind words! We are glad that you enjoy using AirBar 🙂

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