Updating the Firmware on Your AirBar for Windows 10 Sensor




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    Ehab Fikry Ghabbour

    I was performing the update to V1.40 but it didn't complete to the end and since then, the computer doesn't detect the airbar whenever I connect it.

    Please help me as it's not working at all and I don't know how to fix this.


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    From the official site (https://airbar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005047105-AirBar-Firmware-Version-History) I downloaded the official firmware (Download for Windows 10, 1.40). Following the installation, an error occurred
    - you can not download the latest firmware.That means that the AirBar is now completely non useable. I used the help, none of the steps mentioned helped.
    I checked on three different laptops (two win 10, one mac) with antivirus turned off, the same problem ocured: you can not download the latest firmware.
    It was supposed to be a Christmas gift. I am very unhappy that I used your software.

    I am asking for a quick solution to the problem that wold enable the AirBar work with Windows 10.

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    Ehab Fikry Ghabbour

    Is there anyway to reinstall the firmware to the Airbar when it's not detected by the computer so that I can use it again? 

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    With any AirBar related issues, please contact us via hello@air.bar or chat at www.air.bar

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